Can't hear musicians singing

My player is about a month old and I can barely hear the musicians sing on the songs. I can hear the instrumental parts but not really the vocals. When I can hear the vocals it sounds very quiet and almost like they are singing in a tunnel. I have tried adjusting the equalizer but that has not helped I also tried a different pair of earphones but that did not help either. The MP3 player that I have is a Fuze 8GB.

Are you sure the headphone plug is fully inserted? When the player is new, the headphone jack is very tight, and it takes a  bit of force to fully insert it.

Guaranteed it’s the headphone not being all the way in. What you’re hearing is the difference between the two stereo channels. Anything that’s in both cancels out.  The singer is usually in the middle–both channels–while the instruments are spread across the stereo.

Give the headphone jack a twist as you put it in.

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Is it possible that the jack has become loose/damaged?

I’ve only experienced this when the jack wasnt fully inserted or when the headphones internal wiring was bad. Check those out.

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Tested out the recommendations to your question. When I only inserted the headphone jack half way, the vocal/music mix was fine. When I fully inserted it, I lost the vocals. Then I tried two other headphones and the vocal/music mix was fine. So, the advice was correct, it’s the headphones and not the player that is the problem.

This is something really weird. By the way, did trying out a different headset made a difference by any chance?