Cant get videos to load to my sandisk fuze...Help!!

We have tried every way imaginable to get videos from the windows media player and saved to my music/video files to load to this player, but it keeps saying error…can someone tell me how to get these on here ??

  1. Make sure you read the User Guide (page 15) and download the SMC (Sanse Media Converter) if you haven’t already done this. You will not be able to transfer video to the Fuze without this software.

  2. When you have that, make sure all your CODECS are current and you are transfering videos formats that can be recognised by the SMC. If not then you’ll need to use other software like SUPER to change the video format, e.g. from Flash video (FLV) to avi, ensuring you are using a low enough bitrate for SMC to cope with.

  3. Visit the SMC forum on this site for more information or use the search option here looking for SMC to see a host of possible solutions.

Just to add to what Emms has already suggested, make sure you get the latest version of the Sansa Media Converter. The Fuze needs this one. Here is the thread on it, providing a link to the download file, release notes, and subsequent questions & posts regarding it. I’d read through the thread (particularly regarding needing QuickTime for it to operate properly).

Forewarned is forearmed! :wink: