can't get the Installation CD to work

Is there anywhere on the website where I can get the same information on that disk.  For some reason my computer doesn’t read the disk.

The only real thing that would help you out(if you felt it was needed) is the Sansa Media Converter(SMC). If it doesnt work on one computer, you can try installing it on another computer and copying the installation files over onto your mp3 player. That way you can bring it over to the computer it doesnt recognize it off and just pull the files from your mp3 player instead of the CD itself.

Otherwise you would have to wait some time and request SanDisk send you out a new CD. You would have to call Technical Support for that. 1.866.SanDisk is the number, just in case.

I have a similar question

I’m out of state, and I want to add files using my friends computer but I don’t have the installation disc…Are you sure there is no website that I can d/l it from?

If you are just adding songs you should be able to use Windows Media Player 10 or higher.

You can view the c250 user guide here:

I think this is the same as what would be on the disc. I couldn’t get the user guide on my cd to show either. The user guides are all on the Sandisk website, but they’re kind of hard to find.

Im sure you can find the sansa media converter on the web if you look hard enough. I just havent had to. SanDisk does not have it to download from their site though, you can call them and ask  them for a cd.