can't get Sansa clip to play the audio channel from a video podcast like Mad Money with Jim Cramer

I download using itunes, then did a drag and drop to the sansa using win explorer. Tried using a file convert, followed by drag and drop, but still no luck. Can some one help?


You probably have to use an audio ‘ripper’ to separate the audio portion from the video and save it in .mp3 format.

Can you recommend one that you think might work?

Thanks for responding.

I know that various DVD rippers and music conversion programs I have, have this as a feature, sometimes under an “extras” panel.  One of them:  PCHand Media Converter Pro (which I got as freeware, but now there is a charge). 

Ah, just found a good source, freeware:  FormatFactory.  Under its Audio tab, you just add the video file and then choose the audio output format you’d like to use (mp3, etc.). 

Hey,  thanks everyone! With your help I was able to get it to work.