Can't get new disk to show on Clip Zip

I had an issue with this awhile back, thought I had somewhat of a handle. Nope.  He is situation.  I loaded a talking book.  I later saw I was missing Disc 6.  So I re-copied that disc to PC and copied it to Clip Zip.  PC browse of Clip Zip  shows it is there  but Zip itself does not reflect if being there.  I use Mp3tag to try and rename things.  Still no luck.  I then used Mp3 tag to delete the entire folder.  PC showed it was no longer there.  Zip no longer showed it either.  Good so far!   So, I again copied the entire book (8 discs) to Clip Zip.   And of course Clip Zip now shows Disc 6 is still missing.   Boy is this frustrating!!    I probably am missing something i need to do with Mp3tag, but  why make a fairly simple action such a time waster?    Why is a 3rd party utility needed to get what you bought work?   Thinking maybe a portable CD player is the ultimae answer.   Can anyone save my sanity?    :mansad:

Audiobooks on CD can be a real pickle.

To play an audiobook starting with the individual CDs, the PCM digital audio from the CD must first be converted to a compressed format for the portable player.  The files on CD are in cda format, WAV files that are pretty big. As you have done for the other files, “ripping” the CD to mp3 or wma format for example, some of those CDs are playing and listing correctly.

I see that “disc 6” is the problem child.  We need to look into that disc’s completed files.  MP3 or WMA files include metadata in the form of those ID3 tags, these are the disc number, track number, “album” or book name, et cetera.

Which method did you use for converting the CDs to compressed files?  If using Windows Media Player, the most common, the metadata is pulled from online databases.  It’s quite possible that the information for disc 6 is being pulled from a different listing than the others.

The vast majority of CDs ripped are music CDs as these are the most popular.  Books, however, often have “orphaned” information.  I’ll elaborate from a little personal disaster I encountered when trying a rip from CD, rather than the Audible version I had.  I have been spoiled with the format, as they are neatly separated into chapters and book sections.  I tried ripping to 64 kb/s wma format using Windows Media Player. 

Simple, I thought.  Well, the result was shocking.  Several CDs are correctly tagged.  On one, the tracks are listed as SOF 057 to SOF 064.  I guess this stands for “State Of Fear”, the Michael Crichton book I chose for this experiment.  The next disc has tracks listed as Unknown 1 to Unknown 7.  Disc 4 has tracke 4-1 to 4-5.  Oh, mercy.  This was done using Windows Media Player’s online database.  Also, the genre is listed as Audiobook, instead of Audio book.  The latter genre is the defaukt one used for Audible books, which I also have in WiMP.s library.

The disc in question (disc 6) most likely has messed up tag information.  As the Sansa navigates through the books based upon the ID3 tags, this is the “sticking point”.

Can you provide some details on your process?  Then we can figure out where the troubles are rooted.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your response.   Sorry for the delay.   Spring cleaning and all that.    I use Window 7 Media player to rip to MP3 files.

Then I confirm everything I expected is there.   Then drag and drop into the zip Audiofile folder for books.   Once I started walking and listening to book I noticed… hey disc 6 isn’t there?   Thought it was…?    So, again copied disc 6 to Zip.  As I recall, I did not see it.  So I used PC to delete all the files for the book,  PC looking at Zip device said nothing there.   Good so far.   I again did drag/drop to the Zip.

This time all the disc 6 files were merged in with disc 1.     As I understand (maybe) there are tag names on the files which I guess are the root of the problem??   I used MP3Tag to look, but in honesty I don’t understand what I am seeing.   I did not want to get involved with an afternoon (maybe longer) venture into deciphering yet another software to do something which to me should not be a big deal, but I guess it is.  Geez!   Sort of like wanting to change the car air filter and have to make 2 trips to shop to get parts and a manual.

Hope this gives some insight.   Sort of puts a downer on the whole MP3 player experience.  My first one.   It was nice to use while sitting out on the lake last winter ice fishing. Had to play games getting that to work too.   But as I said, it gets frustrating.   Thanks for any help understanding what is happening.