Can't get my wireless flash drive to work

I have a Sony Vaio laptop. I followed the instructions for installing my 64g drive. Initially it worked just fine. Now when I activate the drive, I go to the list of available networks (MS 8.0 operating system) and the drive shows up fine. When I select the drive my system disconnects from my router and tells me I am connected to the drive. When I start up my Google Chrome browser, and go to  it tells me I am not connected and to go through the connection process again. I have done this several times without success. After my initial success I gave the drive a new name and a password. When I found I couldn’t get it to work I reset to factory settings but it doesn’t help. Do I have a duff drive or is there something I am doing wrong ? 

This is EXACTLY the problem I’m having with my drive and my Macbook and I have gotten no response from the lame helpdesk (who just read through the steps from a book; you know; reset, turn off…we don’t know)

If you find the answer, please let me know…lol.

Have about a 45% success rate at using them.  Purchased 32 and 64 Gb at Staples, and fortunately they have a 14 day return policy.  Have had them 2 days now and at the rate it is going, I will be returning them soon.  Not overly impressed with the product.