Can't get any more files to copy to card

I have a 4 GB Sport Clip with a 32 GB card.

I have 8.4 GB space left on the aux. card, and 3.58 GB left on the internal memory of the Sport Clip, but for some reason the 32 GB won’t allow me to put any more info on it.

I can load tunes on to the Sport Clip, but not the card. I don’t understand why this is happening because it appears that I have  plenty of room left on the 32 GB card.  

Can anyone help?

Do you copy the files via player or via card reader? How much files are there now on the external card, folders included? You may know that the database manages not more than 2000 files. Maybe that’s the reason for the upload restriction? The solution would be to copy them via card reader – but if there’s more than 2000 files, some of them wouldn’t be recognized by the database.

I’m not sure if this scenario is realistic, the less so as today I have copied some files via player to a 64 GB card with already almost 6000 files on it. Then again, the files already there were copied via card reader, so who knows…

I just bought the same config and have a similar issue.  From my pc I loaded the player with 3gb of music in a single transfer with no problem, but when I transfer to the card I get assorted error messages about random files/paths and the player disappears from explorer. 

When I plug the player into my laptop, it indicates there’s a problem with one or more files, probably because it was disconnected before a transfer was complete, and offers to fix it; I opt to fix it but it doesn’t. Yet it transferred files ok.  Anyway, I reformatted the sd card and am starting over.  All I’ve done since is sync with wmp on the laptop, no issues.  More will be revealed.