Can't format Zip Clip

Zip Clip won’t start up. I’ve tried everything I can find.

When it starts, it displays the message “Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 200MB.”

  • Connecting it to PC or Mac, it displays the same message
  • Won’t start into MSC mode
  • Can’t get PC or Mac to recognize device, so I can’t format the drive
  • Resetting by holding down power button doesn’t make any difference
  • Battery is charged

Any ideas of what to do next?

Try pressing and holding the center Select button while plugging into your computer. This forces MSC mode so you can (hopefully) reformat the player. Continue holding the center button until recognized by the computer and 2 drives appear in Windows Explorer. The 1st one will be the player; the 2nd is the external card slot.

Hi BJ, can you also recall if you have loaded a lot of music here causing the drive to become full?