Can't find the CD for my e260, searced on SanDisk website...

Can’t find the CD for my e260, searced on SanDisk website and searched the forums, I didn’t see what I needed.

I would like to play OGG vorbis files and/or FLAC encoded files. Can anyone describe the levels that these file formats are supported my e260?

Hmm. for that matter… what movie formats and photo formats are supported?

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I did a quick search in regards to what OGG vorbis files and FLAC encoded files are and my guess is they will not be supported by your e260 unless they’re first converted to a compatible file type. The e200 series currently supports MP3, WMA and secure WMA audio formats only.

If anyone else knows more about this I’m sure they’ll pop in and add their two cents. :slight_smile:

As far as the video/photo formats: AVI, MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 in MPEG, MPG, MPE or VOB (unprotected) formats. MPEG-4 in AVI format, DAT, ASF,
QuickTime MOV, and WMV

As far as I know, all video and image files (with the exception of the album art connected to your music!) need to be run through the Sansa Media Converter before you’ll be able to successfully use them on your player.

As far as getting a CD - contact SanDisk technical support and they’ll be able to send you one (which you need in order to get the Media Converter).