Can't find offending file in SD card

Hi All,

I just purchased a Clip Zip and a Sandisk microSDHC 32gb card. I am trying to load my music on the SD card ~16gb worth.
 There is no music on the CZ. I used MP3Tag to clean up ID tags, removed imbedded album art >500x500 and 100kb, all tags are ID3v2.3. I have mp3s and M4A’s. Tried in USB auto mode and MSC mode. Using drag and drop to SD card. When I put the card in the CZ, refreshes about 90% then crashes. I tried to load several songs directly on the CZ and those have all played, but I havent tried a lot.

Any way to find the offending file(s)?

Any help/ideas are appreciated.


I would try removing the .m4a files and see if it refreshes w/o crashing that way. While the Zip supposedly supports this file format, it is conditional and not 100%.


I deleted the older .m4a’s and it worked like a charm.