Can't even attempt to convert.

I’ve read a few problems regarding people’s failed attempts to convert, I have a different issue.

I can’t even try.

When I “Add Media” the only buttons that I can click are “Delete” or “Add Media.”  The “Convert” button is unclickable.

I admit that I am not exactly a cumputer whiz, and if the answer is a simple one I apologize for wasting your time.

Thanks, for anything anyone can tell me is of some help!

PS- I have the Sansa e260 MP3, if that’s significant.

I was attempting to fix the problem, when Inoticed something else- it says “Total Space- 0.0MB”

Which doesn’t make sense to me.  Perhaps someone can explain how I can have zero total space?

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I had the same problem, but it’s because you probably don’t have the Sansa unit plugged up to the computer. 

Once I did that, the convert button became active.  However, I then got an error message saying the Sansa program had encountered an error and had to close.  That’s been about 3 hours ago and I’m still having the same problem.  I’ve uninstalled the program and installed it again, and I’ve rebooted the computer.

Does anybody know how to get the Sansa Media Converter to work?

No, my unit was plugged into the computer/USB drive, so that can’t have been the problem.

I guess I’ll just stick with good old-fashioned music files; at least they’ll work:)

sorry, maybe someone will chime in and make me feel better about this purchase…

I went to ArcSoft and downloaded the lastest version. It is not specific for Sansa but detected and converted many videos and pics on 1st try. I came close to smashing my unit yesterday.

I downloaded and tried the ArcSoft conversion (it was the trial version, I will admit) however it did not work.  All attempts and conversions failed.

Thanks all who responded- and I’m glad that some of you have found solutions.

I think videos for me just wasn’t meant to be:P


it is amazing to me how crappy the SanDisk products must be if they depend on their customers to find other converters for our videos and pictures instead of providing a simple download that actually works…

thanks SanDisk…you can make sure that I’ll do my part to spread the word about your flawed service

Check my previous post under “Cannot get Media Converter to ‘Convert’” It seems to be working for me now…Good luck!