Can't download audio wma book using overdrive media console

Have always been able to use my local library’s service of downloading free mp3 or wma audiobooks for a 3 week period. Then the license expires and you have to delete the material from device and desktop. I downloaded a book today. Can listen to it on my desktop but when I try to transfer it to my e280 mp3 player, I am getting license errors. I know the downloads work because I downloaded a test file from OverDrive media and it worked fine. I get an error message that states: unable to transfer because returned 0X00D2772.

Is your player set to MTP mode?

I think that’s a problem with Rhapsody. Make sure that’s configured properly for you. 

This problem can occur if the device is not connected in MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) mode. Overdrive needs this mode to transfer the license for playback of your books.

On your device, go to Settings > System Settings > USB Mode and select MTP.


Some later devices, like the v2 version e200 series, have a shorter path, Settings > USB Mode > MTP. The earlier e200 Rhapsody device is also different, use Settings > USB Mode > Plays For Sure.