Can't Detect ANY MODE

First I have had many of the Fuze players and I love them. Currently have 2 and am taking one to son but it will not detect in ANY mode. I have tried forcing to no avail. It will not read only charge!! I have tried with XP/Vista/Windows7. As it is not detected it does NOT show in control panel. It does NOT show up in Updater.

As I have 2 in my hand I can switch to check cable/port etc. Other Fuze works but as soon as I switch to the other one it is NOT detected by windows even though it is charging which means power is being transfered from the camputer… Are there any other solutions? I have read all posts here and all seem to miss the point. If it is not detected many of the messages here are of NO help. Thanks.

You may have already tried it, but maybe you should restart your computer.  It has helped me several times.

Has it ever been detected? If not, the connection in the port might be mechanically broken–charging pins are connecting but data is not. The only thing you could do is return it.

sin su @i have the same problem if u get any solution pleas inform me 

Ironically enough, after I read this post yesterday, I started having issues connecting mine.  I reset the Fuze by holding the on/off switch up longer than it would take to just shut it down.  I was using Rockbox, but this may also work with the normal firmware.