Cant create a playlist on my m230...

Ive read the guide and looked on the web for things, but everything is the same. Press and hold the select button and then you can add it, whatever. Whenever I press and hold the select button, it does nothing, just turns the backlight on and says the size of the file i’m playing. Any help would be appreciated.

thats now how you make a playlist, its a to-go list that your creating, and to be able to do that you have to turn on the advanced settings on the player.

to make playlist via WMP you ahve to connect it to the computer in auto-detect mode and create and trasnfer a playlist through WMP.

Ok… So a to-go list. Whats the difference between it and a playlist?

Ok never mind, a to-go list is good enough for me. Thanks:smiley:

When You hold the Select button while a song is playing
it will allow you to add it to Favorites. You have to have
the player set for advanced menu.

As for playlists you can add them using WMP 10 or
11. I myself just started using Winamp to add my
playlists to my M250.

                         Click Here for “How to videos”