Can't copy 4gb mov. files from Canon DSLR


I have purchased a new Canon 1100d DSLR, with a matching Sandisk Ultra II SDHC Card (Class 6, if I’m not mistaken) in order to shoot 720p clips, and I was really happy about it.

I shot some movie clips, and due to the file system of the card (so I’ve read) the maximum movie size created is 4gb, so I shot 4 clips back-to-back, resulting in three 4gb files and one 2gb file. When I tried to copy the files to my pc, I found that 4 files of size 0kb were copied, when I copied them by accessing the camera from My Computer. When trying to copy from the MS camera wizard, I got an error message, saying that the files could not be copied. I am using win XP.

What seems to be the problem? this is very frustrating…THX