Can't convert videos to my c250

Hi all,

Like the subject’s title, I have a problem : when I want to convert a video in Sansa Media Converter, (.wmv .avi or .mov) nothing works. I have the same message error.

Look the screens.

Please help me !






Sorry I forgot English people :

The translation in English of the error message is : the Sansa player doesn’t support  the video file (so .wmv).

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The Sansa c250 doesn’t support video at all.  :cry:

The only thing you can use the converter software for is to convert pictures to the Sansa format.  (The media converter program is the same one that would have been included with a Sansa model that did support video.   I guess it would have been too much of a pain for them to have removed the functionality from the program on the CD just for our “dumbed-down” models)

AAAh :angry:

Thanks for your answer :smiley:

Next time I’ll be more carefuly in informatiosn about c250 before posting…

But thanks a lot !

I don’t think I would want to watch a video on that small of screen anyway. I would need quadrifocals by the time I was done.