Can't Convert Movies From DVDs?

I don’t exactly get how to use this sansa media converter. I have tried to convert a movie from a DVD to my new Sansa Fuze. I don’t know whether I can’t rip movies from their DVDs or I’m Doing Something Completely Wrong. If Anyone Can Help, Please Send Guidelines And Procedures To Work This Out. And If There Is Anything Else I Can Use That Doesn’t Give Viruses, Please Add.      Thank You!:smileyvery-happy:

I use DVD Decrypter (available free online, search via Google or whatever) then Any Video Converter (same,) then put them into SMC.

1.) Rip .vob files from DVD with DVDFab HD Decrypter (free).

2.) Merge .vob files with (what else?) VOBMerge (also free).

3.) Convert merged .vob files to .avi with WinFF (free again).

4.) Final conversion & transfer to player or memory card with SMC (yep, free too).

5.) Enjoy the show!


So I am at step 3 and WinFF has been running for 25-30min now, is this normal?

also, i am trying these steps you have listed here because the AnyVidConv and SMC w/ DX9 and Klite still havent worked

Depends on the length of video you are trying to convert. Is there any movement in the numbers in the DOS window while WinFF is running? When it’s done, it will say ‘Press any key to continue…’

It’s always a good idea in WinFF to press the Play button first to ‘preview’ what it will look like after conversion, before just hitting the Convert button. Watch it for several seconds to make sure it is playing properly. If it doesn’t, theres no need going through the conversion process.