Can't Connect to Wifi

I was wondering how to fix this problem: I can’t connect to a password protect wifi even if I entered the correct password several times, but it does connect to an open source one. Any suggestions/answers? Many thanks.

You will need to provide more info than that to diagnose. Home, work, or other location? Router type. Security type (WPA, WEP, WPA-Enterprise).

There are a few guidelines and answers on troubleshooting in the FAQs.

Good point G,

However, miost commonly over looked issues come from the router settings.

Espiritual, Try connecting to a free WiFi hot spot with no encryption. If you can, then its your router

 click on the link below to visit my post on connection issues and try that. Very simple, just need to call your internet service provider and ask the questions I have listed.

I must be the router signal at school (I signed up for a monthly internet usage BTW ) 'cause at work it’s open source and it works, and I just got internet at home today and I setted it up to be WEP wireless with an encription and it’s works just prefect with me. But I guess I have to listen to my music list while at school, but thanks a lot guys. =)

No worries, Chances are at the school, they may be using the new standards that mean you have to accept a ToS(Terms of Service) Page, ya know, the whole “click here to accept” thing, to procede to connect to the network.

Yea I do accept that, but I guess it has to go with our appliences because people with their PSPs or anything that isn’t a laptop can’t get on.