Can't Connect to PC or Use Internal Memory

In early 2009, I bought a 8GB Fuze with a 8GB SanDisk microSD card and all was well.
I was then using a desktop PC running Windows XP SP2 for updates and to handle files in the internal memory and the 8GB microSD card. Then I went abroad for few months and was using an IBM Thinkpad notebook. Again, all was well.

After returning home tried using the Fuze with my desktop again. It charges ok but can’t see it in the ‘windows explorer’, WMP11 or in any of the media players. ‘device manager’ shows absolutely nothing about the Fuze.
Installation of SansaUpdater can not be completed, cos device is not recognised by Windows.

I tried USB modes, ‘auto detect’, MTP and MSC.
I also tried another laptop running Windows XP SP3.
I read the FAQ here and under ‘Sansa player not recognized by the computer’ at
I have’nt got another cable to check out but I followed other suggestions.

Also, I could not play anything in the internal memory. So I formated it.

‘Info’ shows:
Firmware ver. VO1.02.28F
Memory 7806 MB
Free 7641 MB

SD Card 7572 MB
Free 521 MB

As it can’t connect to PC, I can not write to the internal memory.
Fuze play files in the SD card. But to change files I have to take the SD card out and use it in a card reader.

I luv the sound quality of Fuze and want to use it again.

Can someone help?
If it is a windows issue?!
Is there there some sort of a driver for Windows XP SP3 that I can dowload from someware?


A Samsung YP-T9B 2GB, that I had since 2007 works fine with PCs and laptops.

It  sounds like your cable is going bad. The data connection is different from the charging connection, so you could still charge but have a data problem. Software can’t fix a busted wire. 

You can get a generic cord from Amazon for a few bucks and test. 

This E200 cord will also work with the Fuze.

Or look up Fuze Sync Cord at Amazon, cellphone accessories sellers, etc. 

Thanks B-R.  I never had a cable go bad on me. But I guess there is always a first time! 

Thanks also for the link.  Cable is not so expensive as I first thought :slight_smile:

 I am in the UK, so will try Amazon UK or eBay UK

Bien! Tengo una memoria SanDisk DE 4 GB, con musica unicamente…De repente dejo de reproducir en el estereo de la casa, en el estereo de la camioneta y no reproduce en la computadora…como si se hubiese borrado todo…Y y la conecto a la computadora y esta no lee la memoria…QUE HACER???

got a new cable but still can’t connect  :confounded:

may be the player itself is faulty. 

Guess I will have to get a 32GB MicroSD card, use an USB adaptor to load files to it and use the player that way.  

Try a second PC just be sure its not the computer screwing up.