Can't connect to device manager

I just bought this Clip+ 4GB yesterday for my upcoming birthday, I plug the device into the computer and my device manager won’t read my Clip+ at all. I mean not even a usb detection or anything. I downloaded the firmware and put the device in and it says please plug in device player. I looked at device manager through right clicking and selecting manage for MyComputer and that does nothing, it shows the device listed but how come it doesnt show up as being read by my OS. Im using Win XP SP2. I haven’t the slighest clue what Im doing, I spent all morning trying to read the forum posts for help and couldn’t get a direct output for an idea of what I am doing. When I plug the device into my computer using the usb cable the msg on the screen says ’ writing '. Unlike my usb thumb drive I can just plug into the computer and it will say new device detected.

Sigh, worse comes situation I might as well take it back from the store I bought it from. It’s really pathetic I spent 4 hours trying to get this thing to connect. Too much frustration.

If you want it to react just like your thumb drive, go into Settings > System Settings > USB mode and manually select MSC.

Connected this way your computer ‘sees it’ as a similar storage device. You can just drag & drop files from your computer to the Music folder (you will probably need to tell Windows to ‘unhide’ hidden folders & files) on your Clip+.

The firmware update did nothing for me, but the settings change did. Thanks!

Unless you need MTP mode for DRM’ed files, MSC mode definitely is the way to go!  Much less problematic, in general.