Cant change files on my clip

I haven’t tried to change the files around on my clip for about a year, and the music on it has played fine. But I wanted to put some new music on it, so i thought i might need space, tried to delete something, but when I clicked ok it wouldnt disappear. I tried adding the new music files in there and i could see it in there, but when i turned on the clip i couldnt find the files. I found a thread on google that sounds like the same problem as mine. So i did what the person in the thread said and i updated the firmware. It worked, but i still had the same problems. So i right clicked on the clip in my computer, and formatted it. The music was all erased, and i tried to put files in it, but the new files will not show up. Someone else has said to use the panasonic SD formatter. The original poster said it had recognized his clip, but mine wasn’t recognized. So now I don’t know what to do, is there anything that can be done to fix it?

EDIT: it wont turn on now

1.  Can you reset your Clip?  Original Clip:  hold the on switch uppermost for 15-20 seconds, or more.  Clip+:  hold the on button down for 20-30 seconds, or more.

2.  If that works, try reformatting your Clip under its Settings.

Tried it today and it turns on. I formatted it using the mp3 player like you said, though im not sure how to reset it like that. I still have the same problem, i put music on it, on my computer the files show that theyve been transfered, the clip even says when i go to system info that it has less free space, the music just wont show up when i look for it. When i try to copy music from it to my computer, i cant paste the actual file, just a shortcut to it.

Are the ID3 tags, which the Clip reads, for your files filled in?

Don’t know what you mean.

@damian1255 wrote:

Don’t know what you mean.

ID3 tags

So how would i check this?

You might find some usefull information on this thread

I looked at that thread, downloaded the program mp3tag, the person in the thread said to change the “write” option in tools to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. I’m pretty sure i did it properly, but when i make a new tag, the tag in mp3tag is only showing up as ID3v2.3(ID3v2.3).

Here is screenshot

Ok i did it like that and now it says ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3). Is this correct?

@damian1255 wrote:

Ok i did it like that and now it says ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3). Is this correct?

Perfect! :wink:

Is just putting the artist/album/song enough information to work?

EDIT: So i put the newly tagged files on my mp3 player, and in my documents it shows the tags under the file name, but it does not show that for the files in the mp3 player. I tried to add a new directory in mp3tag going to the clip, but it wasn’t visible when the i search for it with the program.