Can't browse c250 in MTP mode

I have both a laptop and a desktop.  The c250 works great in Autodetect/ MTP mode on the desktop, but doesn’t work in MSC mode.  The laptop is the opposite.  The problem there is that you don’t seem to be able to access files put on the device in MSC mode when accessing in MTP mode and vice-versa.

My easiest solution is to access in MTP mode on the laptop, but the device only shows up in the device manager and not in My Computer, so I can’t browse to it on the laptop.  My laptop is running Windows XP SP2 and Media Player 10, why doesn’t the c250 show up in My Computer?

I downloaded WMP 11 and for some reason that allowed me to browse in MTP mode on the laptop.  Still can’t do MSC mode on the desktop, but somehow I will go on.

MSC should always show up… its odd that it isnt.  By installing WMP11, you should be able to access the content in both modes… so good thing you installed it!