Can't Apply for Jobs (Receiving Error)

I am posting this here as there doesn’t seem to be any clear way to communicate site issues in the customer-service section of the site.

I am attempting to apply for a position at SanDisk using the “Apply now” button on the job-description page and I am getting an error saying “The requested operation is not available. This problem is due to the following reason(s): You are not authorized to access the functionality you have requested.” I tried applying with both my existing SanDisk account and a newly created account, but it fails for both. (The new account was created successfully, but it wouldn’t let me apply.) I tried applying for a few different positions to see if it was only the firmware internship, but I got the same error for each job.

I thought this should be brought to someone’s attention as it makes it impossible to apply for jobs on SanDisks’ site.

EDIT: I intended to post this on the Site suggestions | Product feature forum but hopefully this will work as well.

I dont think anyone from sandisk’s HR department monitors this forum. There is a career opportunities email on the right side of the page below under the additional contact box. Maybe try emailing them? 

I don’t think it is an HR issue. I think it is a site issue. The page that is supposed to show up when you click the “Apply now” button fails to load. Are you saying the HR department develops the careers portion of the site?

No, more than likely sandisk has a web team that develops the pages but since it is a careers page on the website the HR department likely owns the pages. By own I mean they are responsible for features and content so any changes to said pages would need to be requested by the owner of the pages. 

This is an end user forum for retail products. For the most part it is all users that post here. I have never seen anyone from sandisk HR or webteam post here so I doubt your post would be seen by the people that could take your request, so I again still recommend contacting the HR careers email to submit your feature request. If that is not the right place they should be able to forward it to the correct place. 

I understand, thanks for the information.

Perhaps there might be a temporary hiring freeze now? Or perhaps they are only considering applications for employment certain months of the year? Many in the US HR department are probably taking their vacations in June, July, or August.

I had that problem with a supermarket.

I then tried my laptop w / XP and was connected.

Try removing all your Apple products.

I’ve had Apple Update service problems when online.

The auto-updater breaks into websites.