Can't add songs, but no error message.


When I move my songs or albums from the downloads folder to the “internal memory” thing for my sansa clip on the side bar, it doesn’t pop up an error message.  Everything seems to be working okay.  But then I go to unplug it, and when I look at “Recent Downloads,” the songs aren’t there…  Nor are they there when I search for them alphabetically in “All Music.”  What’s going on?  Is it maybe because they’re zip files?  Because the individual songs I’ve downloaded seem to be working fine.

Are you saying that you are moving zipped files, still zipped, to your Clip?  If so, no, the Clip won’t play them (or show them in its database) that way–you need to unzip them first and then transfer them to your Clip.  And the files also need to be in a format the Clip will play, such as mp3, flac, wma, wav–no aac. 

A zip file is just a file that holds one or more files, whether they be an application, photos, etc., and compress them into a smaller package to make it faster and easier to upload and/or download.  The zip file has to be extracted before your computer or, in this case, your sansa player can read it.

Just right-click on the zip file and select “extract all” and a display with the Extraction Wizard will pop up and take you through the process of unzipping the file.  It’s quick and simple to do.  Just be sure to note where the unzipped file(s) are being placed by the Extraction Wizard so you can find them later on.

Your zip file will not be deleted.  So you’ll still have that and the extracted file(s) also.