can't add files to Clip+ but no error message and Clip Sport works fine on same machine

I’ve successfully used the Clip+ 4GB for years with no problems, currently using Windows 7 Prem 64 bit.  Now when I try to add files by using MS Explorer it shows the file being added (green bar scrolling across window) but never finishes adding the file!  I’ve waited 15 minutes for a short file with no success.  Also, I started using a Clip Sport 8GB and it works fine, just can’t get the Clip+ to add files anymore.  I can delete files and can also use the files that remain on the Clip+ but can’t add new ones.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance.

I don’t know the cause for the issue here but wonder if you might benefit by manually reapplying the latest firmware (see the firmware sticky thread at the top of this forum)–software glitches can develop.

If that doesn’t help, you then might try reformatting the player under its System settings (note:  this will erase all your user content–copy anything you want to save to your PC first)–this sometimes will handle inexplicable “glitches”/malfunctions.

Good luck!

Thanks for responding and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  This is my first post and I thought I would get an email message when I had a response so was not checking…again, sorry about that.

I downloaded the firmware file (clppa.bin) and copied into a folder on my computer (Windows 7) and was eventually successful in updating the firmware, but hit issues not addressed in other posts about updating the firmware.

When I reconnected the Clip+ to the PC it shows that the space space available is only about 318KB (about what I remember it to be.)  But when I clicked on the PODCAST folder and looked at the individual folders I had created, it did not show any podcasts on the Clip+ even though I remember that I had some. I tried adding a small file and got the same error as in my original feed, i.e. green scroll in Explorer forever and then an error message saying that Explorer had shut down.

When I reconnected the Clip+ I clicked on the MUSIC folder to see if it would show music there, the window at the top of Explorer showe PODCAST (not MUSIC) and showed the last file folder within PODCAST.  After waiting over 15 minutes with the green scroll showing supposed activity I tried clicking on other folders and again got the error message that Explorer had shut down.

But when I disconnected the Clip+ from the PC and scrolled thru the folders, there were individual podcasts and music on the Clip+! 

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions and everything I have on the Clip+ I also have on my PC so if you think I should try resetting the Clip+ back to its factory settings, please let me know how to do that.

Thanks again for all your help and sorry this is such a long explanation.

I tried reloading the firmware and this time it worked fine and not only is all my old stuff still on the Clip+ but I was able to add a small file with no problems and properly access all file folders so THANKS for the suggestion and problem solved!  BTW, I had 318MB space left on the Clip+, not KB…sorry about that:)

Great to hear–congrats!  I swear, there are little gremlins (as well as tiny hamsters on tiny wheels) living in these little wonders–I keep on recommending reapplying the firmware, or reformatting, for inexplicable issues (as well as a hard reset), and sometimes one or the other actually works!    :)   Good to hear that it did for you!