Can't access some music

I’ve put like 8 albums on my Clip Zip, however, the first 3 that I put on have stored themselves in a subfolder that I can’t seem to access when I plug in to the computer. They don’t show up in the device memory folder.

I can see them and play them from the device, but I can’t view or do anything to them, or delete them. Kind of annoying, help?

I don’t have much on there, so would it just be easier to factory reset the device and then start again?

this is probably a MTP MSC issue. here is a knowledgebase article that should help

And resetting the Factory Settings won’t do anything . . . except require you to go through and re-set all your personal options like Backlight, Power Saver, FM Presets, etc.

What you’re talking about is formatting , which clears & optimizes the memory.

A tip: Don’t use the Auto Defect USB option. In this mode the player can connect in either MTP or MSC without your knwoledge. Your computer can only see files loaded in one mode at a time. Figure out which mode is best for you and manually set it to that, so all your music is loaded via the same mode. Much less confusion that way. :wink: