Can't access MTP mode!?!?!?

Hello, I had recently archived all my files into RAR format to redo my computer. I put 6 GB worth of a RAR archive into the music folder in MTP mode and called it good since I could open and see that the file was there and correct. I then reformated my COMPUTER and instaled what had to be instaled and such and then went to take all my stuff of of my MP3 player and to my suprise… I couldn’t access MTP mode, only MSC mode… When first plugging in the MP3 player it was set on MTP mode and asked for an instalation cd and such crap and files to locate to get it to work and I simply pressed do custom search and it told me that it was instaled incorrectly. I have 650 MB free of space and other space is occupied with the 1 RAR file and a few folders of music. Now… How do I get it to recognize in MTP mode??? This seems to be the problem… Do I have to download a file or something for it to recognize it in that mode? Please let me know, I’m dieing here…

Just to sum it up, added RAR file to mp3, reformated computer, plugged in mp3 player to take RAR off, installed incorrectly and can’t recognize it in MTP mode where all the files are located…

I don’t think its possible to copy RAR files to a disk in MTP mode. Are you sure you weren’t in MSC mode? Regardless, if you’re using XP run Windows update and install everything. That should add MTP support.

On my player when I go to play the files I have on there when I click Music, play music then it goes to MTP, then play MTP and the files are in there so I’m possitive that there are all in MTP mode since afterall I couldnt delete files using MSC mode since I had placed them all into MTP mode… When looking at the info it says that there is only 650 MB free which is correct … Even when I do open in MSC mode and go to the music folder… There is nothing in it and even clicking hte properties and looking to see how much is in it, there are 0 files, 0 MB, nothing…

Also Windows Update? Lol… All of my personal music files which I created are all in that archive on the player so I need it!!!

The driver for MTP mode is in Windows Media Player 10 or above. If you went back to basic XP then it has Windows Media Player 9. Go to and update Windows Media Player.

Then go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode on the Fuze and make it MTP. Though it should also connect in Auto.

By the way, the Fuze itself doesn’t know what to do with your .rar file. It’s just stored there. Next time, might I suggest a thumb drive, a microSD card and reader, or online storage for the RAR?

There are two levels of confusion to this issue.  First and foremost, you cannot use a RAR  format archive on the player, though it can be readily transferred to and from the player, simply using it as a storage device.

As mp3 or wma  audio files, for example, the data is already in a compressed format.  In fact, the Sansa uses these files in compressed format, converting them to an analog audio output.

Next, the MTP question.  Media Transfer Protocol is a communications layer in which the Sansa is seen as a portable media device, and not just a mass storage venue.  Regardless of communications protocol, the RAR archive cannot be accessed by the player.  You must transfer the media files as standard music files.

Open a Windows Explorer window and plug in the Fuze.  How does it appear, as a mass storage device, listed under devices with removable storage, as E: SANSA FUZE, or under “other” as Sansa Fuze (caps and smalls).  If the latter is displayed, clicking on it will break the device down into Internal and External Memory.  If this is what you see, the device is indeed in MTP mode.

MTP protocol is supported by Windows Media Player 10 and later.  You do not need to have Windows Media Player open to use MTP protocol, it is integrated into the media player .  

SInce you can “see” the RAR archive when connected, the device was connected in the same mode as currently in use , since with the Fuze (Not the Fuze+, however), the device will show files transferred in either MSC mode or MTP, but NOT in the alternate mode.  Thus, if the files were transferred in MTP, and you are currently connected in MSC, you could not see the files.

Transfer your RAR archive back to the PC, decompress it, and transfer the “normal” files to the Sansa for playback.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Ok well since you all think you are gurus you were wrong. It held my Rar file which I was able to access once I refreshed my device on teh computer… So it all woked out… Everything was where it was when I put it on…