Cannot view contents (videos, music) after iOS 9 - iPhone 5s and iPad 3

App no longer works with iOS 9 - my other devices not updated to iOS 9 work fine. Latest firmware and App versions. Already deleted App and re-installed, still nol oner works with WFD.

The App opens, is very slow to find the WFD, then when I tap on the WFD it slides open then slides close.

this issue has been reported to sandisk support. A fix should be released soon. 

Same issue for me. Takes ages to connect, finds, click on it, slides back to main screen.

Surely SanDisk knew iOS9 was coming and tested apps?

How long to wait please?

After the recent iOS 9 release there are some file transfer functions of the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick and Wireless Flash Drive Apps that are no longer working. Due to changes made by Apple, between the iOS9 Beta and the iOS 9 official release, regarding how file transfers are handled the SanDisk Connect Apps will require an additional update for full file transfer functionality. The updates are currently under testing and we estimate end user availability to be within the next 7 to 10 days.

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iOS 9.2 and now I have the same problem once again! Using latest firmware (3.4.2) Open App >> Select WFD >> page slides open and them immediately closes. WFD is useless once again.

contact sandisk support and submit a crash log so they can look into what may be causing the issue. 

Getting a crash log from an iOS device 

submit a support request 

  1. There are no crash reports.

  2. The iPhone 5s finds the WFD, but then when you try to view files it slides open then closes.

  3. The iPhone 4s App just briefly opens then closes/crashes immediately (iOS 8.3, and cannot be updated to 9).

So far the SanDisk App only works on my iPad3 w/iOS9.2.

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