Cannot read the previous encrypted files form the flash drive

Hi, so basically the problem is that i have my Sandisk Ultra 32gb an i am using the Sandisk Secure access vault v2.0 then suddenly my flash drive got corrupted so i had to transfer and re-format and re copy the files to the flash drive but when i ran the application it said that i had to setup a new password and that the files which were in the apps are gone but if i checked the sandisk vault folder i can still see the files which were encrypted to AES-128 bit. how can i decrypt those files and return them back to their original forms, most of them are images. thanks in advance

You are not seeing your encrypted files, you are seeing pieces of the fragmented vault.  I think your files are lost but if you find a way to save them please post back.

so there wont be any solution to my problem? 

Write to SanDisk and see what they say.  Let us know if, and how,  they solve your problem.

Any luck? I’ve got same problem