cannot read DB must free 90 MB

So I’ve had this pos for less than 3 months and all of a sudden i get this msg.  Cannot read files from computer to delete 90MB so the whole thing is Effed.  Guess the Microsoft Zune wasn’t so bad after all.  What a **bleep**ing waste of money

Also, please note…not so guaranteed to play.  Apparently that’s why Apple products are so spendy…maybe because they actually **bleep**ing work…without daily updates that freeze up your entire system???  Eff this thing!!!111

Do you actually want to fix it? It’s hard to tell from your attitude. If so, try this.

What daily updates are freezing your entire system?

You can and should uninstall Sansa Updater, and just check here now and then for new firmware. Just like you should also uninstall or remove from startup Google updater, Adobe updater and every other updater.  

Since you are such a huge Apple fan, it might be noted that iTunes and Quicktime also want to update themselves on every bootup–and iTunes is a much bigger, more intrusive piece of junk, er, software. Also, if you want to see how iPods always work, try looking at an iPod forum…

I saw the same message, along with a host of other wierd things, on a friend’s 8Gb Fuze, right before it locked up and died. I had just taken it out of the box for the first time. It couldn’t be reset in any way; the computer wouldn’t recognize it AT ALL—no matter how I tried. My friend returned it to Sears for a refund.

However, I haven’t had any problems with my 4Gb Fuze, and I’ve had it for about a year.