Cannot play Audible aa audiobooks on Fuze

I just bought a Fuze and found that I cannot play Audible aa audiobooks on Fuze. What did I do wrong?

All of this seems quite normal to me: 

  • I have a directory on my hard disk where all aa files downloaded from Audible are stored.

  • When I download an aa file from Audible, iTunes is opened automatically, the aa file is copied automatically into my iTunes Music folder and listed in iTunes under Audiobooks.

  • I copied the aa file with Windows XP SP2 Explorer from my hard drive to the Fuze folder Audiobooks, so that it is located directly in this folder, not a subfolder.

  • When I double-click on the Fize copy of the aa file in Explorer, Eplorer copies it to a local dicertory and starts playing the audiobook just fine. So, the file does not seem to be corrupted.

This is where I have the problem:

  • When I go to Music -> Audiobooks on Fuze and click on the Audiobook, I get an error message on the Fuze display “Connect to your computer to listen to your AudioBooks”, and the Play progress stays at 00:00:00 with the Pause symbol displaying.

I tested this with several aa files and had the same effect with all - what is wrong?


Download Audible Manager.

Authorize your Fuze with AudibleManager.

Then transfer the content from AudibleManager.

Message Edited by sansafix on 12-16-2008 11:10 AM

I have no problem playing Audible aa audiobooks on the Fuze.  I suggest you try what sansafix said to do.  I actually switched to the Fuze from a Sony Walkman, since they did not have Audible capability.:smileyvery-happy: