Cannot open file on Sandisk pen drive

Cannot open a small text file on Sandisk pen drive. Other text files, it takes a few minutes to open the files.

Did you remove the drive from the USB port without using the Safely Remove option?  If so the File Allocation Table could be screwed up, or the particular file wasn’t closed before the drive was removed.  Try running a CHKDSK command on the drive, see it that helps.


Might be your pen drive is virus infected, first you need to check shortcut virus file. Due to virus attack sometime shortcut virus files take place with same name of original file. If you found shortcut virus files in pen drive then you can easily remove it through DOS command. Follow bellow mention command:-

Go to “Run” window and type cmd then enter now DOS shell window will open on the screen

Type >> dir/w/o/p and press enter

This command show the list of presenting files and folders

Now you need to check following file name

autorun.inf, ravmon.exe, new folder.exe, svchost.exe, New_Folder.exe.

If you get any file from the list, then you need to remove it by following this command For Example

• Type del Autorun.inf.

• Press Enter.

Hope this process helps to resolve your problem, in case you are unable to fix this problem and unable to open your important files, then you need to tryout freeware utility of sanDisk pen drive data recovery.

From what I see walkerjohnie the Home page of your freeware utility says it “Only Show the Preview of Recovered Data from Pen Drive”.  To actually recover one’s data one must upgrade and it costs $39.

Sounds like SPAM to me.