Cannot Install Windows 8 Enterprise on Dell Latitude E6320 + Sandisk Extreme 240GB

HI, i just got a Sandisk Extreme 240GB today, and am trying to install it on my Dell Latitude e6320. I have my Windows 8 Enterprise disk.

When doing the install, after clicking Install Now, it pops up with a window saying it does not have a driver for required media and to insert a dvd or USB with it. I searched the Sandisk site and found no drivers.

I tried a diskpart clean, I tried taking it out and putting it in another computer and formatting it with MBR. nothing worked so far.

What should I do?

sandisk does not provide the driver. If you ahve your BIOS set to AHCI you will either need the AHCI driver from dell or it should just use the Microsoft AHCI driver built into the OS. 

How about doing a Windows update instead? It’s worth the shot, usually, that resolves the issue.