Cannot identify SANSA Radio/Player - HELP! (PLS)

Cannot identify Sansa player - HELP! (PLS) Hi everyone:

I came into the possession of an unknown model of a SANSA Radio/Player and have spent the last several months trying to get some use from it. My second biggest problem is identifying the model so that I can locate a user’s manual and specifications.

The biggest problem has been that I could not get it to display anything (It refused to turn on at all). Then a couple of days ago, the iconic SANSA splash screen magically appeared! Now, my biggest problem has become getting it to do anything else. It now displays a permanent error screen which is not very informative, but appears to be a “file folder” icon with a superimposed “X”.

The only other response that I have been able to induce is that it displays an error message saying “Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 3 MB.” when a Micro SD Card is inserted.

The pixs below are not particularly helpful, but you can see the appearance, and the error screen. The first and second are the front and back; the third is the persistent error screen and the fourth is the “innards” showing the circuit board. The board is marked STANZA Ver 1.3.

Also there is no sound at all through the headphone jack, and it is not recognized on a Windows computer or a Linux computer. I have yet to locate a MAC to see if it may be detected on it.

This message is to ask if anyone can provide any info on this model. I have spent hours googling for any hint of this unit but have not found any clues. The unit is 2" square and about 1/2" thick. The body is metallic and there is a clip on the back of the unit (also metallic). The face is a printed plastic sheet which is just glued on with sticky adhesive. Lastly, the display is black&white (i.e., no color).Photobucket

That’s a SlotRadio player. It basically only plays music from the FM radio or a special SlotRadio card pre-loaded with music.

Here’s some information on it:

That’s a SlotRadio player. It basically only plays music from the FM radio or a special SlotRadio card pre-loaded with music. It will also play plain memory cards with your own music on it.

Here’s more info:​/related/1​/session/L3NpZC83aEVHb29taw%3D%3D/sno/0

including specs and user’s guide. :smiley:

The player is a slotRadio device.  It requires a microSD card to operate; the card will have an SR logo on it.  Without a playable microSD card, you will see this icon.

The player has some pretty cool graphics when operating with a SanDisk Slot Radio card.  To charge the device or transfer music you will need a card and a micro USB cable.

Here’s some info about SlotRadio.

The charger and cable are here.

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My eternal gratitude go out to Tapeworm & neutron_bob !! After your extremely prompt and correct answers, I have formatted an SD card, loaded (drag&drop) some music, and am listening to my favorite Rossinni aria at this very moment !!

My large error was that I assumed that the SANSA had internal memory and that it would be recognized as an external device by my computer - NOT - it needs the memory provided by a MicroSD. I will now try to purchase a slotRadio Card (or maybe not, as I can just continue to load my own music on my SD Card).

Thanks again.

No worries!  Glad you have it up and running.  The SR player relies on a mounted microSD or microSDHC card for memory.

You’ll find the SlotRadio cards are a lot of fun, with music for about 4 cents or so per song.  The artist information displays on the device while the songs are playing, and you’ll find that the graphics are really cool looking.

The idea behind slotRadio is that it behaves like listening to streaming radio, and the recording labels have provided full-length music tracks at an incredible price. The trade-off is that you cannot directly select a particular track, a listening experience like radio, but you can (unlike radio) skip ahead through the playlist, or pause the track and change the genre.

The SR player is built very nicely, reminds me of the solid e200 feel.  Using greyscale graphics, it has a nice display too. 

I’m glad that the new generation Sansas can also play the slotRadio cards, as the format is quite convenient.

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