Cannot get Sansa c140 to turn on.

I have purchased two Sansa c140 from white box a month ago and now both of them will not turn on when holding down the menu key.  When connected via USB to a computer they turn on and connect via MTP and I can see what is on them but when I disconnect them they will not turn on tried 4 different brand of new batteries new this month but still will not turn on.  Is there a fix for this and is it possible to reboot the device?

Not turning on huh? if they are showing in MTP Mode, they should still be “Good” …try putting a file on it and disconnecting the device.  If it stays there, its good!  Try to format both of them in WMP and see what happens.

What was the last thing both of the players were doing before they wouldnt turn on?

I had just taken my Voice recordings off the Sansa via explorer on Windows XP disconnected and then they would not turn on again.

ok…Did you try connecting back to pc and transfering a file disconnecting and reconnecting?

No, not yet I will give that a try thought about that while working on my iRiver iFP-390T that it needed a MP3 just one on it in order to menu over to the Voice recording menu.  Will give this a try when I get off of work. Thanks

 I put a song on it with WMP 11 and it is on the Sansa looking at it with Explorer but I still cannot turn it on by holding the menu key down.


Try removing the battery and leaving it out for 5 min.  put new batt in, and turn on.