Cannot find all my MP3s listed on my Fuze+

So, I’ve copied over my ~1400 files spread through 81 folders and the Fuze only seems to be find 10 MP3s.

2 of them were files that came with it and the other 6 were ones I added.

I’ve had previous Sansa players and never had this issue.

I copied my files over to the music folder with windows explorer.  I don’t use iTunes nor the lame Rapsody programs.

I think I may have had this issue at one point.  And for me the solution was to make sure my music metadata was encoded properly cause the Fuze+ seems to be super fussy can only read id3 verson 2.3 tags.  I don’t know how you can fix this on Windows or OS X but on Linux this article talks about application called easytag that can fix the tags: (Scroll down to section entitled Using The Correct ID3 Tags in MSC Mode). 

Perhaps someone else to can shine more light on this>

mp3tag is a good application for windows computers