Cannot charge - Fully Charged but Low Battery

I bought my Fuze 4Gb about 4 weeks ago. I fully charged it (according to the screen) when I recieved it.

Since then I have used it for only a few hours. It’s now completely dead.

When I plug it into my PC or laptop, the charging symbol displays for around 5 seconds then it tells me that it is fully charged.

When I disconnect it, I immediately get a low battery warning and it switches off. Trying to switch it on again results in the same thing.

I have tried leaving it connected to the PC in the hope that it will charge but so far no go. I’ve tried on my laptop, my PC, and on several other PC’s.

Always the same thing, charging symbol flashes for around 5 seconds then it tells me that it’s fully charged.

I’ve tried all the fixes, including resetting the device, that I found in this forum but none of them have resolved the problem.

anyone any other ideas?

Maybe it’s battery problem. 

First off make sure your laptop is plugged in and that you use usb pots on the back of your Desktop PCs. Try using a wall charger and see if that helps if not, then plug into your computer, and format the device, reinstall the firmware, then let it charge for a while unplug and see if it boots up