Cannot Back up Already Converted Videos & Photos and Reload them by Drag and D

You would Think after you go through the S L O W Process of Using the Sansa Media Converter to Load Pictures and Videos that you could then Save them to your Computer’s Hard Drive and then just Drag them Back again, Or Maybe Transfer them to a Micro SD Memory Chip!   Teck Support say NO WAY… When you try to drag them back you’ll get a Message Warning that you’ll see Then in Windows Explorer, but will be unable to see them in your Fuse…WHY  

     And Get This… You would think already Converted Photos would go Faster to try to Load them BACK Into the Fuse…NO NO AGAIN…Just as Slow…WHY   Tech Support said they are refering it to a Level 2 Tech. Support. Well I hope I can Get an Answer Here. Seems to me to be a real Flaw in the Directory Table it Keep or something…There has to be a Future Fix before I take mine BACK To Costco since I Have 80 of the 90 days to get my Money Back!  Anybody Else Try this???   Let Me Know   Thanks…


Maybe you copied the files in one connection / USB mode, and now it is on the other?

I can copy all the files back and forward just fine, with decent filecopy speeds. Did you try it on a different PC?