cannot access cruzer switch

Hi, I plugged in my cruzer switch 16gb flash drive and deleted my files from it to free up all its memory so I could create media recovery file for my computer.
I started the app and selected the create recovery media with a USB flash drive and highlited the crive and clicked next.
The app said it would reformat the drive and all my files would be lost, I knew that would happen and I clicked next.
I then got a message from the app saying it could not access the drive, so I brought up my computer double clicked the drive and I got a prompt box asking me to please insert a disc into removable drive (G:).
Could you please explain if and what I have done wrong, and how to resolve this problem.
Thank you in advance.

Maybe you have messed with the system partition. If you want a shortcut to this, try a Windows system restore. Don’t worry, it won’t delete your files on your hardrive. 

Your system’s security app(s)/settings  may be preventing you from formating the drive.

And USB drives don’t have System Restore files.