Can you please help me in deciding between Fuze, Clip+ and E270?


Sorry if you already read this message on Faze board, I decided to post it here too because there was no "general Sansa players"board, and I need to reach the users of each player to understand the differnce.

I have finally decided to buy a SanDisk MP3 or MP4 (which anyway I will use just for music).

I look for something small, with long battery life, and the best possible audio quality and features (like customizeable equalizer to fit my earphones needs, and several random features). And of course, price.

And, also, comfort (for example, sided earphone plug on Clip+ is not a good solution to put it in the pocket, neither is the clip), easy to use, if buttons are solid and silent, or if they do a terrible CLICK, etc…

I understand that each one of these is the best in one field? Fuze and Clip+ are the smallest ones, E270 is the one with more battery time (especiallybecause I can have an extra battery - which I do not understand if it comes with the player or if the player just comes with one).

I also need to use a MicroSDHC Kingston, 8GB, with it.

Can anybody tell me aboutr his experience with one or more of these players please?

SO I can understand well feaures and differences directly from the field, by the real users…


Sure, I have all of them, and I rotate between each.  The e200 is my personal favorite, mainly for its solid feel, large screen (for a small device), and its docking capability.  I have a version 2 e280, meaning that the Sansa has a nice AMS processor in there, and the sound is on par with the Fuze and Clip.

I would recommend the Fuze as the current overall winner, as it is small, has wonderful control feel with its combination scroll and button wheel (I like the term “wobble wheel” ). The Fuze has good battery life as well.

The e200 series is the machine of choice if you are a die-hard Sansa Nut as I am.  It is solid like a B-52, can double as a hockey puck, and has a metal shell.  The downsides? The version 1 devices, the most common (an e 270 is a 6GB device, only available as a version 1) ones, use a PortalPlayer (NVIDIA) processor, and they don’t have µSDHC capability without installing Rockbox.  The version 2 devices, relatively scarce these days, have the same AustriaMicrosystems processor as the Fuze and Clip.

The Clip+ is super cool, has nice control feel, µSDHC capability, and is the size of a domino, essentially.  It goes anywhere you are, without having to worry about a suitable pocket.  I’ve sat on the wee beastie, run and cycle with it (though I would not recommend the last of the triathlon, swimming, as water is a bad thing).  Having the headphone connection on the side is eclipsed by the Clip+'s wonderful portability.  The only downside I see to the Clip+ is that its small size means a smaller battery.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I keep on coming back to the Clip for easy, portable use.

Do note:  the equalizer on the Clip+ is marginal, at best; personally, I think that it hurts the sound, rather than helps it.  As to the side headphone jack, some headphones use an L-shaped connector plug, and that works great with the jack on the Clip+; you also can purchase an L-shaped adapter or adapter cord (such as at Radio Shack, which sells an adapter cord with built-in volume adjuster wheel–very handy for portable use), if that bothers you.

Genious! Great help both of you!

I myself am attracted by Fuze for the battery life and by Clip+ for smallness (may I say smallness?).

Correct me if I am wrong, neither Clip+ or Fuze have a replaceable battery, isn’t it?

Few questions more: the fact that the E270 has got other processor, how does influence its sound quality? You said that the sound of version 2 is on par with Clip and Fuze, so I imagine that you mean that Fuze and Clip sound equally well and now E200V2 too, while E200V1 does not? Not even with Rockbox (which I am not familiar with, I have just read few lines about the fact that it is a cool open firmware which change and improove many functions. Sounds cool. ANy negative sides?).

Other question: if you talk so well of Fuze controls, it means that Clip ones are not so smoth and pleasant and comfortable or what?

Practical question: to keep it in jeans pocket (frontal one, which make all difficult when you sit with the player in it) , which player is mor comfortable? I had the impression from dimensions that e270 is a bit big (even if not as much as Connect, which I have inmediatly rejected).

Sorry, a question more: should I worry about my Kingston 8gb microsdhc? In other forum a guy told me that there are known incompatibilty issues (casual ones? Or brands-fight ones?) with Sansa players, but he seemd to talk mostly of connect, and of video reproduction…

I need music. And no Connect.

Neither the Clip nor Fuze has a user-replaceable battery.

As the Clip is the smallest, it potentially would fit in your pocket the easiest.  I would be afraid that the Fuze would break in a pocket.

The Clip’s controls are just fine and easy to use (note:  it does not have a scroll wheel, if you like and want that).  The only potential issue you would have would be less screen display space for lists of music.

And I gather from comments here that while Kingston microSD cards have caused issues with video, there has not been a problem with audio.

Thanks! Very useful info about Fuze fragility. I suppose that you have used it personally or at least seen it personaly?

I was about to choose that one, so, now I want to be sure…

SO, FUze and E270 has got the scroll wheel? Yes, I like that, especially if the other buttns click too much. I hate the click…

It is a pity that here I do not find E200 V2. I have been told that E270 sounds less well than Fuze and CLip, even with Rockbox, and this made me loose interest on it…

Pity, because it is a bit cheaper, and it has got more battery time (but it also is bigger).

Yes, the Fuze has the scroll wheel.  No, it isn’t particularly fragile.  But it has a metal body that can get dented and it has a normal, larger screen, and it is bigger than the Clip±-thus, it could get damaged more easily than the Clip+, especially in a pocket where you will be bending, potentially with other objects, etc.  Good luck!

I have both the Clip+ and Fuze. I like them both, but use them differently. It is much easier to find individual songs on the Fuze than on the Clip+ due to the scroll wheel and larger display(more items are shown at a time in lists) on the Fuze. On the Clip+, I let albums play through. On the Fuze, I often search for individual songs.

The proprietary connector on the Fuze is very annoying though. I have supplemental battery packs I can use with my players, and they come with very small USB cables with a mini USB connector. If I want to use them with the Fuze though, I need to carry the huge cable that came with the Fuze. Battery life on the Fuze is around 20 hours, while it is only around 12 hours with the Clip+.

When I am home I almost always use the Fuze, however I don’t use the Fuze while I am walking around.

Just a sidebar:

Remember Andy Rooney?

Ever wonder how come the almost identical docking port connection of the iPod is considered “the connector”, but the SanDisk plug is bemoaned as proprietary?  That special termination is designed to allow enhanced functions, like a remote control when docked.  Just because one version is as common as weeds doesn’t make the other one the black sheep.

A short cable is the answer, perhaps noted as a great product suggestion.  If you want to see a cumbersome version, look at the Apple “wye” type cable with FrieWire and USB on the same cable.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, I must confess, I have read many posts here (I see that, finally, you all are always the same guys answering, congratulations), ABI, Head-Fi… And a few reviews.

Anyway, I still would like to understand (maybe you already told me, but please repeat). Also, please, answer about your direct first person knowledge of the devices… I need real comparison, I don´t care about nominal superiority of the new processor. I do not need a “this is better” but a explication of the differences. So I can decide in the shop, according on the preice I will get. IE, in this moment a Clip+ 4Gb would costs me 10US$ more than a Fuze 8gb (no idea if V1 or 2), and a Clip+8gb would costs 27US$ more… Tomorrow I will check availibility and prices of other shops.

  1. I own, actually, just a pair of economic Phillips SHS8000 IEM, 16ohms, 102db, 6-23.500 hz, 50mW. I have read that they are considered very good for the price. But I tell you, to let you know which IEM I will use. No Shure or luxury ones. For now.

  2. what REALLY changes in SQ between Clip+, Faze V1, and Faze V2 (and how do I know, when I am to buy a Faze, if it is V1 or 2)?

  3. THis “warmer sound” of Clip+, is something good or it is just a polite way to say that it lacks of highs and basses and it is not crispy and transparent? I believe that JK said Clip was too bright, CLip+ not enough bright, Fuze is the best. Is it right? I do not like metallic sound or eq where high and bass are so exagerated that vocals sound terribly. But I do like crispy highs, and good, present, basses, and a definite transparent clear and deep sound (yes, I shuld get better IEM, but let´s start from player).

  4. I am a hard shuffler. I quite never look for a specific song or listen to an entire album. I generally shuffle all my music, all genres, to be surprised. I have read somewhere that Clip had better shuffle functionthan Fuze. What about CLip+? My generic MP4 pick up the same songs all the time!!!

  5. concretely, for those who owned E200v1 and now own Fuze and/or Clip+: how does the E200v1 with Rockbox sound compared to CLip+ and Fuze?

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I am very interested in this, because I finally found that I can only get Clip+ and FUze here. Among E200 I can only get E270, so, rockbox or nothing.

My question would be, which sounds better, finally, Fuze, or CLip+?

I was reading that many people love Rockbox, should I prefer E270 only to be able to Use Rockbox even if it souds a bit worse?

As I said in the other thread several times, all of them have identical output except the e200v1.

The biggest difference you will hear will be between the later devices and the e270 (v1), since it is running with a completely different processor.

The earlier v1 e200 devices sound pretty decent, though most folks can readily pick up on the differences when they step over to the newer players.  The functions of Rockbox are quite popular with v1 users, as saratoga can attest, and enhancements continue, even for the later Sansas.

As to the reported differences in sound quality with the various current models, these differences are indeed subjective, and more subtle.  The new devices are pretty close in sound quality, with the largest differences being overall features (size / controls / battery life).


I have owned, and used for a long time, E260v1 and a Fuzev1, and I bought a Clip+ because of the good reviews.

I sent the Clip+ back. It simply does not sound as good as the Fuze.  I really wanted to like it, but my ears kept telling me otherwise.

Frankly I don’t think it sounds any better than the E260v1, possibly worse. 

It has an audible peak in the midrange–to make vocals pop out–and it has a narrower soundstage, which is to say that the music just sounds more three-dimensional and natural on the Fuze. 

I carry the Fuze around in a shirt or jacket pocket all the time. I take it to the gym. It’s not fragile. 

Obviously you can’t put it in a back pocket where you’d sit on it. You might–just might–be able to do that with a Clip+.  I don’t think that’s worth the decrease in sound quality or battery life. 

The Fuze has a higher power output than the Clip+. This will make the Fuze sound better than the Clip+, especially if you are using less efficient headphones. The Clip is brighter sounding than the Clip+, with the Fuze being between the two. The differences are small though. Imo the Clip was a bit too bright though, with the Fuze being the best balanced of the three. It is important to use headphones 32 ohms or under to get decent sound from the Clip, Clip+, or Fuze, with efficient 16 ohm earphones being the best choice(the lowest impedance headphones I have seen is the 24 ohm Sony V900HD9(7509HD). Anyone here know of a 16 ohm circumaural headphones?

@jk98 wrote:
The Clip is brighter sounding than the Clip+,

This is simply not true:,%2016%20Ohm%20Loads).htm 

JK98 wrote: 
It is important to use headphones 32 ohms or under to get decent sound from the Clip, Clip+, or Fuze, with efficient 16 ohm earphones being the best choice(the lowest impedance headphones I have seen is the 24 ohm Sony V900HD9(7509HD). Anyone here know of a 16 ohm circumaural headphones?


I’ve seen you say this before:

And I (and others) told you it was stupid then.  Its arguably more stupid now that you know its wrong. 

I realize you want to help, but if you’re less informed then the person asking questions, its probably better that you not try to give advice.   Making up answers isn’t helpful.

(On a side-note:  nix on the stupid comments, please?  People can have off days, or just be mistaken …   ;)  )

"JK98 wrote: The Clip is brighter sounding than the Clip+, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is simply not true:,%2016%20Ohm%20Loads).htm "

Did you read the review of the Clip+ on I am not the only one who feels that the Clip+ sounds different than the Clip.

As for the Clip+ and Fuze not properly powering headphones over 32 ohms, that is what I observed using the headphones I own. The Fuze and clip+ don’t work that well with the Sony V6 Sennheiser HD545,  Koss A200 and Portapro. I have heard much better sound using those headphones connected to other more powerful sounces.  On the Fuze and Clip+ I need  to have the volume set at maximum or close to it, and sometimes there isn’t enough volume. While higher impedance headphones might be okay with the Fuze and Clip+ using a supplemental headphone amp, most people don’t want to have to use one.

Perhaps you  will tell me that it was just my imagination that I often didn’t get enough volume with these headphones?

@miikerman wrote:
(On a side-note:  nix on the stupid comments, please?  People can have off days, or just be mistaken …   ;)  )

Its not an off day when its everyday and its not being mistaken when you have no idea what you’re talking about.