Can you make Playlists and synch them on micro sd?

I just bought the c 250, and today ordered a 2gb micro sd. Can you make Playlists on it? In other words can I use it the same way as the  c 250???

The only suggestion I would have for in doing this would be keep the songs and playlists discreet to each memory.  You sort of need to treat the internal memory and the card as two different “devices” (this is how Windows Media Player and some other programs will treat them).  If you make a playlist involving songs stored in both places, you will duplicate songs on the player.  In other words, if you want a “dance” playlist, load all your “dance” songs and the “dance” playlist on either the internal memory or the card. 

I discovered this the one time I tried to make a playlist with songs stored in both places.  I didn’t bother to re-do it; I listen mostly in “album” format anyway.

Ok, thanks…So the answer is that if i treat them as “seperate” devices i  can make playlists on the  2 gb card, just like on the player??..Naturally some songs may be duplicated on both, I just want to make sure I  have the option of making sepeate playlists on BOTH

yes, you can.  Customer Support may tell you that you can’t - in another posting they told someone that - don’t believe it.  (I guess they don’t realize there is a “work around”)  I’ve tested it.  Again.  Five minutes ago.  (If the newest firmware update didn’t bung it up.  I didn’t load it.)  If you don’t mind having duplicated songs then you’d be fine.  If you only playback by playlist and never scroll through by song, then you’d be ok.  (I found it annoying until I fixed it.)  Of course, it will use up more memory to duplicate songs both places. 

Thanks again…I’ll ge getting a card in a few days…I found a 2gb card at and with rebates etc…it was only 14 bucks!!!

Yeah, I’m anxious to see  about the playlist thing…I’m not updating the firmware until I KNOW what it does and fixes!!..

I’m glad also that someone else took the time to help me about media Monkey, Id3 tags etc…Great help all around!!

WOW!  a 2GB micro card for 14 bucks!  cool!

Yes, it was 44 WITH tax…20 dollar rebate and 10 off for using “Google” to checkout for the first time…ended up 14 bucks!!

Could I ask you to spell out the “workaround” for  making a playlist on the micro sd card with WMP??..Just got the card today in the mail…Seems to work fine…Would like that Playlist option if possible…Thanks

Connect your player in Auto Detect.  Box comes up asking what you want to do.  Click “sync media files with Windows Media Player”.  WMP opens.  If you’ve named your player (ex., “Danboy’s mp3”, it may ask you to name the new device.  Or it may just assign the names as “Danboy’s mp3 Internal memory” and “Danboy’s mp3 Expansion Card” - sorry I don’t remember precisely.)

On the right, you will see a connected device displayed.  If the panel is big enough, the full names will be displayed (you can drag the panel wider).  If not, you may just see “Danboy’s mp3”.  If you hover the cursor over the name in blue, a pop-up will tell you whether it’s the internal memory or the card.  Click “next device” to switch back and forth.  This will change which device you are syncing to in the sync panel. 

Then just make and save your playlists as usual, switch back to sync tab and panel, drag your playlists to the sync panel and sync to each “device”.  Remember, don’t use the same song(s) in playlists on both the internal memory and the expansion card, or you will end up with two copies of the song(s) in the player.  (unless you don’t mind that.)

Thank you!..That worked for me…What I’ve been doing on the micro sd card is just ripping the music, and  editing the tags for the name of the “album”…For instance  the  the cd named “Photographs and Memories” mass editing  all the song  tags under album to “Jim Croce’s Greatest Hits”… Then I just connect the device and  “copy folder to” the “H” removable device, which is the micro sd card…When I   turn on the player, under albums it comes up correctly…This seems like the simplest way for me…It’s nice to have the workaround though…

I have version .04…I’m staying with it too…Unless there is some really important reason NOT to!..I seem to have everything down to my liking so like they say “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”!!


Re: Can you make Playlists and synch them on micro sd?  —  YES! 

Dammm I just spent 20 minutes writing this up and the smiley thing wiped it out - went to a new page - backed up and a blank screen — arghhhh…

well - this will be shorter and you can figure out the program yourselves - it really is easy - I just was bragging on the program some.

I wasted three 14 hour days messing around with all the major programs - would not put a playlist on the Sansa.

Then I found this beautiful gem.

go here -  – click the enlarge link - for a great image.

Simple program - no more syncing.  work in SMC mode and see both drives - copy from your Import file directly to your SD or SP memory.  Makes playlists that use BOTH memories at the same time. Songs in both memories in the same playlist.  Program is free but I will be making a donation.  Much easier to use in MSC mode.  Note Sansa Beta note at bottom of page.  If you sort your files first (do track then album) and they will be in playlist in same order if you take full albums as I do.

I works IN the Sansa - no syncing!  Playlists are exactly what you make them.  First time creating database takes a few minutes - I have over 600 songs in 3.5G of memory.  Note the blue and yellow squares at left - tells you what memory your songs are in. And the memory usage at bottom.  A very rare and well done program (sorry no pun intended).