Can You Copy Rhapsody Playlists From One PC to Another PC?

Does anyone know if you can copy Playlists that you create using Rhapsody from one PC to another PC?

I’ve made several Playlists on Rhapsody that are very big - one of them has 600 songs in it.  I would definitely like to make backup copies of these lists - if I ever accidentally blew out these Playlists, I would not be happy about having to recreate them song by song.  I don’t even have a hard copy printout of the lists.

Please let me know if anybody has ezperience doing this using Rhapsody, or if it’s even possible.  FYI, the songs were made from CD’s, not downloaded from the web.


If Rhapsody is on the other PC it should pick them up .

Thank you Sansafix, it worked just like you said.  I installed Rhapsody on the second PC, and went through the “äuthorize computer” routine - then the playlists that I created on my first computer all appeared on the second computer.

Consider yourself more qualified than the Rhapsody phone tech support people - I called them and they couldn’t answer my question.

It would be nice if the Playlists were truly portable - like having a file that you could just copy over yourself without having to hook up through Rhapsody - but this will work for me.

Thanks again!