Can we see the id3 information ?


I want to know if it have a way to view the id3 information directly on the Sansa e200 players?

If not could it be a good idea of new functionality for next firmware upgrade :wink:

Thank you


no, it cant. make the suggestion in the suggestion thread. I dont really see why you would need this though, as most of the information you can figure out by browsing for the song on the player.

I got what you saids but I can rate a song but I can see this rate after??? The only option that get closer to that is the My Top Rated. I guest is the 5 stars rated songs. When I listen a song I rate it and and that help me to clean up my player memory after. I know that I can see a song  and delete it in my computer player but sometime I want to revise this info on the spot.

More functionality that are fast and easy to implemented in the firmware, more the Sansa player will be in advance against his competitors. That is a simple marketing rule.

Thank you to redirect me suggestion thread, I will do it



Instant access to the ID3 information would be very helpful for my uses as well.  If you post this in the suggestions forum I’m with you. 

The post in the suggestion section is done

You can use Rockbox, but this will void your warranty. It is worth it though :wink: