Can videos in VideosA-Z be configured to play continously (sequentially)?

My Sansa Fuze plays videos in a list one at a time only.  Is there a way to configure the player to continuosly (sequentially) play the videos in the list (VideosA-Z for example).



Not that I know of.

That would be a nice feature for the mext firmware revision.  I don’t think it would be too difficult to implement. 

What I do is download YouTube videos in MP4 (we can do that now).  SMC can then directly convert and put the videos in the  Sansa Fuze.  I prefer this over converting the MP4’s to audio MP3 because it is less work and I get to see the videos on my Fuze.  The only drawback is that it takes more memory space.  But, that is not a concern because I choose only what I really like and the Fuze’s memory is expandable.  


A follow-up question.  Does Rockbox have the capability of playing videos sequentially?



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Thanks.  When I’m brave enough, I’ll convert to Rockbox.  For me, this video sequencing thing is the only major feature lacking in the Fuze firmware. 


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Youtube’s MP4 isn’t necessarily highest-res version. It’s just a container. I’ve downloaded FLVs that have higher-res than corresponding MP4. One way to tell is to use something like MediaInfo (Google for it) that displays video’s tech specs. For best conversion, get highest-res source available.

RB’s MPEG1/2 is pretty old tech. As mediocre as plain-jane DivX looks now, it’s still better than MPEG2 in bits efficiency and rendering clarity. There is a reason why MPEG4 superceded MPEG1/2. But no complaints from me. AVI on Fuze is no bowl of cherries either.

RB has some interesting stuff. I’ll check it out for Unicode, and no more annoying refresh nag. Video doesn’t excite me though. I already did the pocket video thing on the DS, and the novelty was good for about one movie. “OH LOOKIT I GOT VIDZ ON ME DS LOOK LOOK!!” “Yes, and…?”

Don’t think much of current PMPs either. My next toy will need to be running Android for robust 3rd-party support. And no walled-garden stuff like Apple’s or MS’. Something like this!