Can USB Flash Drive only be used on 1 computer?

I have the Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive 8 GB.

It appears I can only use it on one computer. I am running WinXP Home SP3.

When I try to copy files to the flash drive on a second computer I get an error message.

_ “You are currently on a visiting PC so you cannot create a new online backup.” _


Please advise.

What are are you using to “copy file”?  Certainly not Windows Explorer or a Command Prompt.

Sorry I wasn’t more specific.

I am attempting to copy to the flash drive Vault (via Copy & Paste) just like I did on the first computer.

“Vault”!!  A SecureAccess vault?

There is no SanDisk app that I am aware of that issues that message.  (That doesn’t mean there isn’t, just none that I’m aware of.)

You might need to copy your Flash Drive files back to your pc, then delete all the files on the Flash Drive, especially all .exe ones, then copy your files back to it and try it in another pc.


I decided to call your Technical Support number.

1-866-SANDISK (726-3475)

First thing I asked him was if I could copy files to the flash drive using SanDisk Secure Access Manager on more than one computer? He said, “Definitely.”

So, then I explained that i was getting the error message I described above on the 2nd computer.

He had me try it again. I copied a single 24 KB file and this time there were no errors.

Naturally, I was still puzzled by the error message I got last week. He agreed that the error message text is misleading and can indicate a variety of problems such as a poorly seated flash drive to corrupted data or a user error doing a copy & paste or click & drag. He recommended click & drag as the best option.

I’ll do some more backups before closing this out. But so far so good.

Michael T.

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Thanks for the update sdmike1974.  Happy to hear that it is working for you.

I’ll take the blame for not researching how to backup files from my hard drive to the flash drive. I made it more complicated than it needed to be.

I discovered that running SanDisk Secure Access Manager was unnecessary for the simple backup I wanted to perform.

For most of us you can simply backup/restore files just like you would with a CD-RW.

If I were SanDisk, I would have included the following link in a readme file along with the other files that come preinstalled on the flash drive.

Transferring files onto a USB flash drive

Michael Thal

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Come on Mike, techs don’t read manuals or documentation. :smiley:

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