can u use ur microphone as a portable microphone and headset?

is there a way to maybe download an app or something that you would be able to plug into any computer and turn on ur microphone on ur player and use it to talk on im’s or a program like skype? i mean after all sandisk is an audio device. it seems like it might be as simple as a softwar program but really don’t know if it is possible for an mp3 player to be capable of that? whats ur theory on the subject?

The Express wasn’t meant to do anything like that.  To do what you’re trying to do, it would have to encode the audio in WAV and stream it to the computer, and I’m fairly certain that doing so would require a different USB controller altogether (USB has separate protocols for streaming data and the like, and one controller doesn’t necessarily have the ability to use all parts of the USB specification.)  If not that, the firmware would need to be largely redone to support this.

So, the short answer is no.

In all honesty, mirophones built into MP3 players aren’t the greatest, and there are headsets you can get that are designed specifically for voice chat that will do a much, much better job, while being more comfortable for actual conversation.  I’ve seen them retailing for under $20 for USB versions, and under $10 for versions that plug directly into your soundcard (don’t forget that almost all computers that have audio out also have a line in or mic jack somewhere.)  Since these headsets mount a microphone at optimal distance from your mouth, you’ll get much better voice quality.  Get one with a padded boom mic and it’ll sound worlds better than any MP3 player can hope for, simply by virtue of purpose-driven design.  They’re really easy to find; even your local drug stores probably stock them now (I got one I like a lot from Walgreens for $12 as an impulse buy (made by GE) and the microphone is better than some I’ve used on >$100 gaming headsets.)