Can the Fuze share a virus?

Can a virus on a PC be shared to a Fuze, and vice versa?


Ah . . . AH . . . AHHH-CHOOOO!!!

(sniff, sniff) Sorry . . . the answer is NO!

The beauty of a portable media player is that it deals primarily with media, not executable code.

Just be careful with any files transferred without antivirus protection, in the case of using the device as a flash drive.  Viruses won’t mysteriously tag along on their own.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: 

It may be primarily designed for media, but there’s nothing keeping an executable file (such as a virus) from being stored there. Its mainly a concern if you plug it into a lot of different computers, particularly ones that may have been used with “not-so-legitimate” software and/or internet sites.

It could happen, but the risk is very low.