can"t sync getting error wmp

canceling inspection of files. wmp

It has been syncing fine until today.

Give us a little more information on the error and what is happening, and we can unwrap this puzzle.

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When I tried to sync some podcast using windows media player it would not sync, it was almost like it was not being seen by wmp. I tried changing different usb modes but it would not sync. It then would act like it synced but it was to fat to have done anything.

It work fine the day before no new updates on my pc so I do not know what was causing the problem.

I ended up formating my zip and was able to sync.

I will post if it happens again.

Excellent.  I often refer to Windows Media Player as my personal computer poltergeist.  If the wmpinfo.sys configuration file on the device becomes corrupted, sometimes by WiMP itself, the media player (on your computer) will “lose its mind”.

By simply reformatting the device, Windows Media Player builds a new file from scratch.

One word of caution when synchronizing podcasts manually (as a playlist) with Windows Media Player.  Well, let’s make it a few words.

When you add podcasts to your media player, you can have this done automatically by directing WiMP to watch the Received Podcasts folder in your Music library.  As you open WiMP, they will be added in a minute or two; you have to give the application a little time to begin updating the library.

Your podcasts (as long as they are tagged properly from their source) will be found under Music > Genre > Podcast.

Drag and drop these to your desired podcast playlists (in the upper left of the screen).

A right click on these playlists will open the Add to Sync List option, if you plug in your device and tap the Sync tab.

Here’s the caution part.  Edit your playlist before  you delete the old podcasts!  Deleting the files first can cause a problem with Windows Media Player, since the target files for your playlist have been deleted.  Windows Media Player can have a real hard time with those orphaned files.  Eventually, upon restart, the media player will delete the references, but WiMP is not consistent in doing this.  What happens is WiMP won’t let you delete the old references.

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I’m using the open source VLC media player.  Are similar problems present when using VLC?

It should work fine.  Windows Media Player suffers from two primary issues.  First, it’s apparently suffering from the “designed by committee” factor, with enhancements having been added (the Advanced Tag Editor" of WiMP11 comes to mind), then omitted or changed  with subsequent releases.

Second, WiMP’s complexity adds fuel to the fire, as it tries to do so many things in one package.  The music database can go wonky, only to repair itself autonomously at a later date.  Attempting to force a rebuild of the database (there is a command to do that) does not always work.

Wndows Media Player is designed to automatically recognize multiple devices, storing the preferences for each, plus the licenses for protected media.  Overall, I find it acceptable, remembering that it has moods just like my daughters do.  Kind of gives it personality.

The Clip Zip, as all Sansas, should be happy with whichever media manager you choose.

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