Can someone suggest me an Unzipping software.

Can someone suggest me an Unzipping software.EXCEPT WINZIP AND WINRAR!!!                                                            Thanks,SR

7-zip is quite popular…

Windows has one built in… Its not the best in terms of GUI, but it works 90% of the time. Other than that, Ive used winzip, and 7-zip, they worked good for me too.

Freeware ZipGenius works fine for me. It gets a five star rating from Cnet.

Third 7Zip. I like to support Open Source whenever possible and it handles every format including that stupid .rar format that people still insist on using. LOLOL.

Never heard of ZipGenius, though.

Windows will already un-zip a .zip file for you; no extra software needed. Now if you want to zip up a file (or collection of files), that’s another story. Now you’ll need additional software.

Winzip used to be free and it worked well. Now they give you a limited-time use of it before they start nagging you to buy it. 7-Zip, as suggested earlier by several is free, open-source and it works fine.