Can somebody REALLY help me!!

Okey, first i wanna say sorry for my bad english but because Sansa has no dutch forum here, I have to explaine it in english but I hope you guys can understand the problem that I have with my Sansa Clip because this mp3 player makes me crazy! First of all my sansa clip won’t turn on anymore, and the computer won’t recognize it! I mean I have this mp3 only a few months and it won’t turn on anymore and that’s just s**ks! There is a helpdesk on the site and all kind of topics about it but it’s all on english and I it’s to complicated i’m not stupid but it would be conveniend if it would be in dutch! Or if somebody has a easier explenation for me, that really would be great. I really hope that someone can help me with this mp3 player because it’s driving me nuts :( 


What was the battery like when it stopped working? Was it almost dead? If so make sure you charge it either by the computer or a wall charger. If your computer wont recognize it then you need to check the usb drivers. What operating system and service pack are you using (for example Windows XP, service pack 2)?

And since I am in a good mood I tried to get this translated to Dutch but the result did not look right. Sorry. And your english is as good as mine, and i am a native english speaker.

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Have you already tried a reset by pressing up the power switch and holding it up for 15 seconds?  Have you tried connecting in MSC versus MTP mode?

You’re not the only one.


*pulls hair* !!

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Warranty replacement…

De vervanging van de garantie…